That's Me!

My name is Ethan and I'm currently a MA student in Public History at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. The views expressed in this blog reflect MY thoughts on different topics and not those of the IAT, Santayana Edition, Indiana Historical Society or IUPUI. I encourage you to look around and leave questions or comments on any of the posts to this site. Please keep discourse civil, on topic, and in terms easily understood by most readers.

I am currently working on a thesis discussing the ideological independence of Ray Bradbury as a major reason for his exclusion thus far from historiography.

Additionally, I am working on projects related to: working peoples of Indiana; the use of different source materials for those interested in Indiana and family history; creating dialogues between business personnel, historians, and technology experts to preserve institutional records related to employment for the next generation; the role of marginal groups such as professional organizations, unions, and support groups in political activism; and the intellectual and cultural history of postwar and early cold war America.

A Historian Finding My Way started as a lenten season project in the spring before I entered graduate school. At the time, it was a way for me to communicate about the struggles and opportunities associated with getting married, leaving one career, and entering graduate studies. It has grown to be an opportunity to share my perspective on historical topics and other items of interest as I continue my professional development.

For more detailed professional and academic information, look here.