Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Emendation, Referencing, and Databases

I write now in the throws of covering a lot of new realms. I am working in an academic critical editing project which has challenged and created new opportunities for learning. As a part of that work I've begun emending (yes, that's different from amending), reference researching, and editing a scholarly database. More posts I'm sure will follow to help those who aren't in the discipline help to understand these processes. I'm also the point man for the social media presence of the Edition, and will be blogging about the work we do at a later time (most likely this will be in an official format, but I'll try to provide what examples of this that I can). Also, I've begun working on my Thesis, and will try to share what I can without compromising my research. More will soon come. Stay tuned.

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