Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Discussions in Lenten Season

I'm always amazed at how many people I work with on a daily basis are happy to discuss different aspects of their faith with me. It's refreshing to be in an environment where people aren't afraid of who they are and what they believe. Particularly on Ash Wednesday, we have the opportunity to reach out to those who are around us and have a conversation. Many assume that because I value this day highly that I must be Catholic. The reality is that I have always felt a special calling to this particular day of reflect for some unknown reason. I might miss many a day and even some holidays, but I always make a conscious effort to attend a service to begin Lent. It is an opportunity to refocus and recommit myself even when times are tough. The history of the season has had many different traditions including fasting, giving up things, and even adding new traditions.

There was an interesting beginners discussion of the history of lenten traditions here:

For the academically inclined, you might try this article from Baylor University:

Best wishes and God Bless.

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